Constructions By Lene Makwana

Lene Makwana’s Construction series is a body of work in progress and is a reflection on her own experience as a Norwegian residing in Western Australia, with close ties to India.

The theme evolved from the Lene’s exploration of grids and patterns as representations of social construct and identity, and the diptychs address the falling "in between" in various cultures.

A mixed-media artist, Lene primarily combines digital and traditional tools and mediums like paper and digital collages, watercolours, acrylics and graphite. Lene will present her work at Mumbai’s Jehangir Art Gallery in November 2018. 

"I invite you to experience the diversity and dynamism of Australian culture. Come, see and engage with Australia, in your city and through our online platforms, and see what we have to offer. " - Australia's High Commissioner to India, HE Ms Harinder Sidhu