Future Fiction Vr Cinema: Stories From Australia

A special edition of internationally-acclaimed virtual reality films from Australia, curated by Crossover Labs, will tour various Indian cities as part of Quicksand’s Future Fiction program. The films will transport viewers to a variety of Australian settings, including the world of a street artist, the mind of a nuclear tester and skateboarding on Bondi beach . 

Featured films include Collisions, Mind at War, Parragilrs, Rane, Summation of Force and The Turning Forest. 

Dr. Guy Wood-Bradley and Dr. Thuong Hoang from Deakin University, experts in interactive and virtual technologies with a keen interest in the Human-Computer Interaction, will also present as a part of this initiative. 

"I invite you to experience the diversity and dynamism of Australian culture. Come, see and engage with Australia, in your city and through our online platforms, and see what we have to offer. " - Australia's High Commissioner to India, HE Ms Harinder Sidhu