The Three Seas

An international, cross-cultural musical collaboration that fuses modern Australian jazz with West Bengali folk music, The Three Seas creates a unique and soulful sonic imprint that radiates joy onstage and on record.
The Three Seas music draws on the earthy sounds of folk music with a strong focus on the Baul tradition, and playfully creates new musical pathways using a contemporary jazz framework and western production aesthetics. Listeners can expect a soulful repertoire with a diverse array of voices and unusual instruments.
In a meeting of musicians from across the Indian Ocean, the group is led by Australian composer and saxophonist Matt Keegan and fronted by master folk singer Raju Das Baul.

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The Three Seas perform "Thakte Manush" at the old 505 Theatre in Sydney, Australia

“The Three Seas is a great example of the cross-cultural creativity that can emerge through the deepening links between our people. I am delighted that music lovers across India will get the opportunity to experience their music as part of Australia Fest.”